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Hello! This blog is dedicated to creating icons for your use. There is no need to credit us, all we ask is that you do not claim any of these icons as your own. Please note, none of the art featured on this blog belongs to us. Thank you for visiting!!

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(75 Miku+65 Rin+65 Len+70 Kaito+74 Meiko)


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When ever you get the time ok so i run a lolita based blog but i really can't find any good lolita icons for it so i was wondering if you can make icons with anime character wearing lolita or anime characters in lolita icons

Sure thing~ In the mean time, here are some links to icons we have previously made with loli-esque characters:

CIel Phantomhive (the fem ones only)

Celestia Ludenberg (each part of her name is a different set of icons o;)

Kobato Hasegawa (obviously only the kobato ones)


Misaki Ayuzawa

Alice Baskerville (some)

Chidori Yoshino


Elize Lutus

Flandre Scarlet

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Happy Thanksgiving!

~Nikki xo


Hello hello! I’m making an appearance at the end of the year again~! Although it’s nothing much since I wasn’t as active as I was last year but I felt obligated to create a Follow thingy cuz I did it every year ever since I created this blog lol yep so, even when I was being inactive, I did checked out blogs that followed me and I also stalked some really cool n pretty blogs during my free time as well :D I think it’s pretty much worth my time to create another great graphic that compliments my adorable caption. lolgraphic above was deliberately set for non-bw + please refer below for your names!! xDDDD
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Excuse me while I hyperventilate!!! We are so so so honoured to be featured on this list wow! Thank you thank you thank you ifyoueverwanticonsjustletmeknow ;A; ilu ♥♥♥♥♥

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