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Hello! This blog is dedicated to creating icons for your use. There is no need to credit us, all we ask is that you do not claim any of these icons as your own. Please note, none of the art featured on this blog belongs to us. Thank you for visiting!! Please submit all requests via the 'request Icons here' link.
25 Dojima Ryoutaro Icons

Me and Jess are watching Lego movie with Spanish sub (y)

don’t worry we’re making icons too but….i really don’t know why we’re doing this we are canadian what even is spanish.

55 Yook Sungjae Icons <3



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I made these forever ago and I just remembered they were on my old kpop blog while I was making Tao icons , so here free icons o;


  Anonymous said:
What do the hearts next to the names of requests in the to do list? Is it the priority?

No, I just put hearts next to the character I like x3 The more hearts the more I like them. I’m a dork :P


Dear beloved followers~

If your request say ____ ‘or’_____, we are always going to take it as ‘and’ c;


Nikki & Jess

annnd requests are closed! thanks for requesting everyone c: they’ll be open again sometime soon!!

- jessica

hi!! i’m going to be taking the first ten requests in the ask box c:

- jessica



I promise!


  brezzo-petalo said:
//hi!! Do you think you could update your on queue/to do list? Thanks! (:

Updated! Sorry if I get a bit behind on it, I moderate the entire blog and all its pages so I always have to try and remember ‘did I update the queue page? or was that the tags?’ lots of fun haha x3 I also recently updates the tags page, so everyone is aware!